5 Tip For SEO in 2019


1. Become Google Verified
Often times we hear ‘start with the basics’ and the same goes for SEO. Think about it this way, you want the search engine to lead users to your website. How are you going to let the search engine know about you?

Create a Google profile, put yourself on the Google map, and claim your Google listing.

2. Integrate Google into your website
The biggest search engine is Google, so believe it or not Google will reward you for using Google products. Makes sense that Google wants you to use Google, right? A simple way to do that immediately after becoming Google verified is to integrate Google map into your brand’s website.

3. Make your website mobile friendly
Analytics is a lot like solving math problems in the sense that, there is a right answer no matter how you feel about the variables.

Google’s A.I. does a lot behind the scenes and that includes looking at your website’s analytics. And understanding what they are looking for can very much improve your SEO statistics down the road. What does this include? How long users are on your website. A mobile friendly, interactive website has a higher chance of success over one made exclusively for desktops.

4. Be active on Twitter!

Even if you don’t have a lot of followers, a brand’s twitter is often what comes up when you Google their name (if they have one). Why not be the first thing they see be promotions, engagements, and links to your website and social media?

5. Have focused content

SEO ‘points’ is rewarded for focused content. Have a dog walking service? Try not to talk about cars on your website. These basis for advice seems easy, but it’s easy to stray away especially when you are on social media and posting daily content.

Stay tuned for more blogs on the subject! Want to see more? If there’s enough interest, I will be doing a free course for the revamped Succeed.com

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