72% of patients use ONLINE REVIEWS as their FIRST STEP when finding a medical professional.

If you’re in the medical field, are you putting your testimonials front and center?

72% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a medical professional. Social media is a GREAT way of repurposing reviews and putting them front and center.

This is going to help with retention and peace of mind to your newer clients, helping stay top of mind to your sphere of influence, and most importantly, helping generate new business.

Don’t have many reviews or not sure where to start? No problem! If you haven’t already, make sure you create a Google Business Page. Once you do, go into ‘manage’ and go ‘home.’ Scroll down to where you see ‘Get more reviews.’ Click that link and walah! You can now share this link with all your patients so you can get more reviews and thus more patients.

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