Is there room for medical clinics to grow online?

Is there room for medical practices to grow? 🏥🌱 Or have the existing larger firms dominated the market? 😨

In today’s healthcare climate, there is more demand than supply meaning reaching your target audience can go a long way to gaining leads and growing your customer base.

When 77% of healthcare inquiries begin on search engines, it means people’s needs are always changing (due to health issues, change of location, etc), and there and consumers are open to what value your practice has to offer.

There are many ways to BOOST your SEO ranking but here are a few actionable ways to do so right now.

1) Repurpose your content into blogs and then Google posts. ♻️

This may come as a surprise, but Google rewards you for using Google. I am a huge advocate for social media and I believe it’s one of the best ways to be in communication with your target audience. HOWEVER, posts after a bit essentially become lost. Blogs are a way to help content stay alive.

In fact, here’s a perfect example. We were looking at the analytics for a medical practice I am working with and a blog she wrote over a year ago, to this day, remains the #1 source of traffic to her website. Google allows you to make posts from your Google Business page and it’s a good way to share that blog. Google rewards you for using Google.

2) Make sure the copy on your website is specific. 🖋️

If you’re talking about physical therapy on your website, try and stick to talking about PT! Being specific is going to help Google’s algorithm understand your website better and show it to the right audiences.

3) Make sure you’re posting on social media. 📱

Social media posts are doing better and better on Google Searches. Not to mention, it’s a way to let your audience know (who are searching for healthcare providers) what value you deliver, what patients are saying, and general updates.

4) Be clear about your location!

If you have multiple locations, Google can get confused if you are advertising everything on the same page. Creating separate landing pages for those locations can help boost your SEO and make it clear which audiences Google should show your website to. Also, be sure to incorporate Google Maps into your website when showing your location, once again Google rewards you for using Google.

If you want to talk about strategies to boost your SEO and make sure your practice is in front of your target audience, feel free to reach out!

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