72% of patients use ONLINE REVIEWS as their FIRST STEP when finding a medical professional.

If you’re in the medical field, are you putting your testimonials front and center?

72% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a medical professional. Social media is a GREAT way of repurposing reviews and putting them front and center.

This is going to help with retention and peace of mind to your newer clients, helping stay top of mind to your sphere of influence, and most importantly, helping generate new business.

Don’t have many reviews or not sure where to start? No problem! If you haven’t already, make sure you create a Google Business Page. Once you do, go into ‘manage’ and go ‘home.’ Scroll down to where you see ‘Get more reviews.’ Click that link and walah! You can now share this link with all your patients so you can get more reviews and thus more patients.

Avoid Plagiarism – And a Hefty Bill!

Nothing is worse than receiving a hefty several thousand dollar bill because you innocently used an image or resource with nothing to show for it after its all done and over.

Trust me, I know. I’ve spoken to business owners who have had to spend over 10,000 dollars because situations arose! One business owner I spoke to was a victim of a situation where the creator of the image was uploading beautiful photography with the intention of finding those who would use it, to later sue them for it. Oof.

You know what’s a better, more ethical alternative? NOT plagiarizing! I recently made a poll asking if anyone has seen plagiarism on LinkedIn. Over 90 percent of participants voted YES. I have no doubt this type of behavior continues off-platform. This is a very dangerous precedent to set!

Here are some tips and resources you can use to avoid finding yourself in a inequitable situation. And if you are a CEO, business owner, team leader, or manager, are you making sure your team is following the best practices to avoid headaches down the road?

SEO Tips

SEO is its own animal and you won’t master it in one article, however if you apply these steps, you will improve your SEO in just one day and be on your way to having your brand found more on search sites and social media.

This list largely assumes you know and have identified your ideal customer/audience. There will be other blogs about how to identify them if you haven’t fully, but having information and knowing what keywords they are searching for is critical in improving the SEO for your brand.

1) Google rewards you for using Google. 

Basically anyone who will find out on a search engine will be using Google. Google is more than just a search engine, they are a company, and if you reward them they will reward you. If you incorporate Google services in your website, your SEO will be improved. One simple way of doing that is using Google maps and embedding that into your website.

2) Determine if you want your brand to be regional or local 

Search engines use algorithsm to pull information from your website, determine what your brand is about, and tries to put it in front of relevant people. Knowing what factors the algorithm is looking for and being mindful of that when creating content is a major step into the right direction. If you are a local business or are servicing people in the local area, absolutely make sure the content on your website and what you share on social media reflect that. 46% of all searches on google are seeking local information. 

3) Be mobile friendly

Have your website and content be mobile friendly. Most people will view your content on a mobile device and Google knows that and will reward or punish you on this.

4) Create content of value 

Search algorithms take into effect how well your website and content is doing, and not specifically based on visitor count. Do visitors immediately bounce off the website or do they stay around and go to the other pages? Do they interact with it? Better yet, do they share it? Doing well with the people who are already visiting your page can get your brand in front of more people.

5) Use Twitter

It may not be the most active social media platform but its one that immediately shows previews on Google unlike any other platform. Leveraging Twitter by using relevant key words your ideal audience uses and searches for, involving yourself in LOCAL or REGIONAL conversations within that topics, and post relevant content. 


If you apply these SEO tips, you will dramatically boost your SEO ‘score’ and reach more people within your ideal audience.

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5 Tip For SEO in 2019


1. Become Google Verified
Often times we hear ‘start with the basics’ and the same goes for SEO. Think about it this way, you want the search engine to lead users to your website. How are you going to let the search engine know about you?

Create a Google profile, put yourself on the Google map, and claim your Google listing.

2. Integrate Google into your website
The biggest search engine is Google, so believe it or not Google will reward you for using Google products. Makes sense that Google wants you to use Google, right? A simple way to do that immediately after becoming Google verified is to integrate Google map into your brand’s website.

3. Make your website mobile friendly
Analytics is a lot like solving math problems in the sense that, there is a right answer no matter how you feel about the variables.

Google’s A.I. does a lot behind the scenes and that includes looking at your website’s analytics. And understanding what they are looking for can very much improve your SEO statistics down the road. What does this include? How long users are on your website. A mobile friendly, interactive website has a higher chance of success over one made exclusively for desktops.

4. Be active on Twitter!

Even if you don’t have a lot of followers, a brand’s twitter is often what comes up when you Google their name (if they have one). Why not be the first thing they see be promotions, engagements, and links to your website and social media?

5. Have focused content

SEO ‘points’ is rewarded for focused content. Have a dog walking service? Try not to talk about cars on your website. These basis for advice seems easy, but it’s easy to stray away especially when you are on social media and posting daily content.

Stay tuned for more blogs on the subject! Want to see more? If there’s enough interest, I will be doing a free course for the revamped

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What Acupuncture Taught Me About Marketing



One thing I didn’t foresee myself saying is, while lying down with needles all over my body undergoing a procedure I never previously entertained, I would review everything that got me there from a marketing/branding point of view. Not to mention, we were always taught needles NOT used for shots administered by doctors were to be heavily avoided.

It was an odd circumstance for sure. Needles aren’t fun. Although I got the flu shot, I certainly didn’t look forward to it and handled it like a necessity. But to electively have needles put in more for an extended period of time as a medical solution? I would need a lot of convincing. I have carpal tunnel but was getting some back pain recently as well and for several years I have heard about acupuncture. However, I have also heard about plenty of voodoo alternative medicine/medical solutions that are completely bogus.

1) Experts matter

One goal of course is to come off as an expert in the field you specialize in. However, one thing that became even more apparent to me in my search about whether or not to consider acupuncture, is that sources and OTHER experts matter. Just because you come across as intelligent, quick, and an expert in your field doesn’t mean you aren’t alone on an island with no one else believing what you do. In medicine in particular, no one wants to be a guinea pig. It was the published scientific articles, quotes by real known influencers with nothing to gain from it, and plenty of documented sources.

This applies to branding too. A lot of times when I discuss branding, I often discuss it as something you already. It’s that gut feeling you have when you are introduced to a person, product, company, event, or essentially anything. It’s that long term relationship, trust, connection that forms and is constantly evaluated. But one thing I realized I have been missing, I am not quoting the countless influencers who understand how important branding is. Name any CEO of a Fortune 500 company and you can find any single one of them talking endlessly about branding. Here is one image with a quote I worked up real quick, featuring Jeff Bezos of Amazon:

2) Relevant content shows you care, you’re active, and you’re on top of it

A trend in marketing is to have fun, connect with the audience, sometimes share a relevant meme, be silly, etc. And when it comes to building an audience on social media, something that is super important, it all should be done. However, that doesn’t mean you should stray away from the meat of your business. When I finally decided I was going to do acupuncture, I had to decide where. And guess what? Although the place I chose could use a better website, could have a better social media campaign, and some general rebranding…their limited but easily accessible content marketing largely got me. I was thinking about back pain mostly (although I had carpal tunnel in the back of my mind), when I went on the website there were articles right on the homepage about carpal tunnel. From there, the owner of the business was front and center and didn’t stray away from the camera. Verifiable reviews were also front and center. Positive connections were made in moments and soon it became obvious my search was narrowing.

3) Being active on multiple platforms is almost always a necessity

Fact of the matter is, if there were reviews on only one website and there were only a few, I would be skeptical. If a business was only found on one platform and I didn’t believe it had enough information, I avoid that business. Although the acupuncture place I went to could be on more platforms, the fact that there were unique reviews on different platforms, relevant content blogs, and the fact they were local all contributed to me making my decision before doing something I had zero idea about and wasn’t exactly comfortable with.


Thanks for reading! In 2019, I will be writing more articles about branding/marketing as well as making tutorials. Stay tuned for plenty of more!

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#Marketing #Branding #BrandStrategy #SEO #SocialMediaMarketing #ContentMarketing #Acupuncture #Medicine #Medical #Doctor #3DDesign #Tutorials #MotionDesign #Animation #UserExperience #Physician #Chiropractor #NJ #NorthJersey #NewJersey #Tristate #GraphicDesign #Design