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A Little About Me Strengthening a business' brand identity while accurately portraying it through modern web design and video is my passion.

I come from unique perspective because I actually began my professional career as a salesperson. I spoke with thousands of customers in a 1 to 1 setting and often lasted for hours. I saw raw emotion and responses to our company's branding, marketing materials, and of course the competitors. The experience was equivalent of having multiple degrees (take it from someone who does!)

One thing I learned was, I wanted to grow businesses. I wanted to strengthen brands and connect them with their target audiences. And in 2020? That means brand-connected websites, connecting through video, and having a dialogue through social media.
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Video Design Web Design and
Lead Generation Your website is your central online portal to where customers and potential customers learn more. Does it serve as a 24/7 salesman? How Can We Work Together? Transform your brand with up-to-date motion design and video that speaks directly to your target audience. Fill up the top of your funnel so you can gain more customers/clients. We use cutting edge technology and data to improve weekly.

"Thank you so so so much for all your hardwork. You really made some incredible graphics, videos, and provided very helpful insight!"

-Governor Lincoln Chafee, Presidential Campaign
"Effective and powerful. Thanks for the great work!"
-Rick Amato, Host of the Rick Amato Show on Amazon Roku
"Awesome website! Beats the competitor's decisively."
-Rob Letizia, Owner of Spectrum Therapeutics of NJ
"As I've come to expect from working with you over the years, once again, great work."
-Charles Peralo, Partner of Succeed.com and Artist.com

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