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Graphic Designer - Brand Strategist - Creative Director
David perez
I believe in using immersive, modern, catered design to help you reach and sell your product, your brand, or you
I believe in immersive, modern, catered design to help you reach potential customers or clients and sell your product, your brand, or your services.
Hello! If you've gotten to this point you already know I am a graphic designer, but that is such a large, wide-ranged field...what does that mean? I hope this can give you a better perspective of me. When a client comes to me, I first identify his/her ideal customers or audience and decide the appropriate means to reach them. My work ranges from the inception stage (naming, logo, brand strategy), offering prototyping options, and creating a consolidated brand for the purpose of increasing the value of the brand and message., I use design to tell the brand's story. Is it a product with a widget never seen before? Is it a service by an electrical company gaining traction and now wanting to create a brand around what they do?

Unlike most graphic designers, I bring a wide-range of experiences to my work - from working in a high performance marketing and salesmanship environment to political campaigns and even a US Congressman. I understand business and the world that impacts it. I understand clients and customers during all stages of the transaction. Simply put, design will often be more impactful when the person behind it understands all the variables.

Your brand tells a story whether you know it or not. With design and branding, your message can be clarified and your story can be told correctly. Your customers, your audience, and yourself deserve it.